Short hits today; full plate.


The amazing maps of Apple’s new Maps service: there’s a tumblr for that. An airport:


So everyone’s heads hit the bulkhead six times before you even get off the ground, eh.

Well, to be fair, she did boost tourism:

>In what can only be described as the most unbelievable turn of events around the Beast Jesus debacle, Techdirt says the woman at the center of the global sensation is claiming copyright and wants a cut of the tourist money bonanza that has hit the small Spanish church.


Current events 112 years ago: another in our series of editorial cartoons from a 1900 Tribune collection:


The first gun buy-back program? Tune in tomorrow to see if this editorial cartoon in a paper in a city that had little to do with Cuba had any effect on the actions of guerilllas. The answer may surprise you!

No, probably not.