Iraq War vet accused in shooting on suicide watch

The Iraq War veteran charged with killing a former Navy SEAL sniper and his friend on a Texas shooting range was on suicide watch after being shocked with a stun gun and restrained in his jail cell overnight. He had become very aggressive, a sheriff said Monday. Eddie Ray Routh, 25, held on $3 million bond, is charged with two counts of murder in the shooting deaths of Chris Kyle, author of the best-selling book "American Sniper," and his friend Chad Littlefield.


Obama misses budget deadline ... again

For the third year in a row, President Barack Obama on Monday blew the deadline for submitting his budget request to Congress, prompting Republicans to grouse once again about presidential fecklessness on fiscal matters. Congressional aides in both parties said they expect to see the budget in mid- to late-March -- a delay of more than a month, unmatched by any other incumbent president except, on one occasion, Ronald Reagan.

U.S. unsure of Iran's space monkey claims

The United States expressed doubt about Iran's claim that it safely returned a monkey from space, saying it is questionable that the monkey survived -- or if the flight happened at all. "The Iranians said they sent a monkey, but the monkey that they showed later seemed to have different facial features," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said. "He was missing a little wart."


Tourism threatened by garbage strike

Seville is in the midst of a strike by garbage collectors that is entering its second week and threatening to turn into a health safety problem in one of Spain's most desirable tourist spots. The labor dispute started last month after the 1,600 employees of Lipasam, the municipal street cleaning company, rejected a plan to reduce their wages by 5 percent while increasing working hours. About 4,500 tons of garbage have accumulated since the strike started.


New archbishop: No to same-sex marriage

On the eve of a divisive vote in Parliament on the legalization of same-sex marriage, Justin Welby, the former bishop of Durham, took over formally as the 105th archbishop of Canterbury, the spiritual head of the world's 77 million Anglicans, saying he shares the Church of England's opposition to same-sex marriage. Welby was confirmed in his new post at a ceremony at London's St. Paul's Cathedral attended by other senior bishops of the church. He is to be enthroned next month at a ceremony in Canterbury.


Naval drills intended to be show of force

South Korean and U.S. troops began naval drills in a show of force partly directed at North Korea amid signs that Pyongyang will soon follow through on a threat to conduct its third atomic test.