Greetings. Kent Youngblood here.
What a game, eh? Of course, the vast majority of folks in the area probably didn’t see it, as it wasn’t on local television. Hope you had league pass, ‘cause this one was worth the price of that TV package.
I spent the majority of my game story just on the Love stuff, of course. Even so, I wasn’t able to get all the quotes in. So here are some extras:
Love on his 30-30 performance: “It all goes back to…I guess what I could say is certain people said we didn’t know how to do this in this league. They weren’t sure about me. I think I have a lot of room to grow, things to prove. But, as far as rebounding goes, If I do that kind of stuff, I’ll find a niche in this league and be a good player.”
More Love  “It feels great. But I’d like to make national headlines as a team, then we’d all get the recognition. That feels the best.”
On all the texts he’s getting since the game: “I haven’t gotten that many since I was drafted.”
Beasley: “It’s pretty right? It was pretty. It felt good, especially when you don’t have to worry about rebounds. It’s crazy.”
Beasley, again: “Kevin was talking complaining about his shoes being too heavy. Seriously. He said, ‘I love my shoes, but they feel a little heavy today. I guess he needs to wear his heavy shoes every game.”
But seriously, folks, amid all the Love hype, a few other details slipped in:
--Like the defense the Wolves played in the second half, with Sebastian Telfair and brand-new signee Sundiata Gaines at the point.
--Or the contributions of Wes Johnson (15 points, three blocked shots and three big three-pointers).
--And then Corey Brewer, who had 12 off the bench, with eight rebounds and three steals.
This is a game where the supposed big players, Love and Beasley, led the way. That’s a good sign of things to come. But there were a lot of other key contributions.
I’ve got to get going home, so that’s all for tonight. But I’ll get back to you after tomorrow’s practice.

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