Crow Canyon California Chardonnay 2016

Only the cork-dorkiest of wine snobs would try to claim that there are no good bottles available for less than $10. Finding them might entail kissing quite a few frogs, but wines such as the Crow Canyon California Chardonnay 2016 ($9) reward the effort. Packed with flavor, purity and persistence, this white gem boasts a welcome amalgam of tropical and citrus fruit, and fairly glides across the palate. It also comes in at 13.3% alcohol, part of a welcome trend of California vintners pulling away from overly extracted fruit. It’s perfect for parties because it will please chard lovers and naysayers, and it’s also well-suited for shellfish and grilled chicken and veggies.

Available at Shorewood, Falls Liquor, Zipp’s, Little Wine Shoppe, Liquor Barrel (Golden Valley), Perrier (Bloomington) and others.

Bill Ward