Jurors saw a host of physical evidence Wednesday in the trial of Brok Junkermeier -- including a long, curved dagger the 19-year-old said he used to kill his friend's grandmother.

Junkermeier faces first-degree murder charges for carrying out the July robbery and attack on Lila Warwick, 79, that prosecutors say he planned with her grandson, Robert Inocencio Warwick, 18.

The jury also watched the final hour of a nearly four-hour interview between Junkermeier and two investigators during which he confessed to killing Lila Warwick and agreed to bring them to the abandoned farmhouse where he discarded the weapon and sweatshirt.

After Junkermeier led them to the property, deputies found the dagger and black sweatshirt in the long grass.

Junkermeier told investigators that he and "Robbie" Warwick wanted the tens of thousands of dollars they believed Lila Warwick kept in a safe. But when the pair broke open that safe hours after her slaying, they discovered mostly documents -- including a passport, high school diploma and baptism certificate. They also found $30,000 in savings bonds made out to Lila Warwick, which deputies later spotted on Junkermeier's bedside table.

When asked with what crimes he ought to be charged, Junkermeier didn't hesitate.

"First degree murder," he said. "I’d say premeditated murder. Accessory to murder also..."