The Wilf family, owners of the Vikings, donated $1 million to the Pro Football Hall of Fame to allow for creation of a Founders Exhibit that will included a special component for women’s history in the NFL.

“We grew up as fans of the game,” said co-owner Mark Wilf in a telephone interview. “The Pro Football Hall of Fame really is such a big part of America. As the sons of immigrants and Holocaust survivors, we see it as such an emblematic part of America.

“We wanted to give back to the Hall in some way. We spoke to them about some ideas and the Founders exhibit really rung true to us. We get to build on the shoulders of great giants. It just felt right.

The exhibit is slated to open in conjunction with the NFL's Centennial Celebration in 2020. The league is spotlighting its 100th season this year.

"The Pro Football Hall of Fame deeply appreciates the generosity of the Wilf Family. Zygi Wilf, Mark Wilf, and Lenny Wilf are great ambassadors for this game and the impact it has on millions of fans across the country and the world," Hall of Fame President and CEO David Baker said. "Thanks to the support from the Wilf Family Foundations, the Hall of Fame will be able to enhance our programming that inspires generations of fans by focusing on values such as commitment, integrity, courage, respect and excellence."

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