For one Minnesota cook, the Sunday night competition didn't take place only on a New Orleans football field.

At the Kitchen Stadium on the Food Network in New York City, the battle that mattered was "Iron Chef America," between Sameh Wadi, chef/owner of Saffron Restaurant & Lounge in the Minneapolis Warehouse District, and Masaharu Morimoto, chef/owner of three Morimoto restaurants in the United States and restaurants in India and Japan.

Wadi -- the first Minnesota chef to compete and, at 25, the youngest competitor to appear on the show -- lost by a narrow margin.

The secret ingredient in the competition: mackerel. Each chef had to incorporate the fish into five courses.

Wadi created a Spanish escabèche of mackerel (fish covered with a spicy marinade), and an Indian watermelon curry with mackerel done two ways. Other courses included a mackerel spanakopita, North African tagine and a whole fried fish marinated in chermoula.

Family, friends and loyal customers gathered at Restaurant Max in Hotel Minneapolis to watch the broadcast. "My first thought when I heard it was mackerel was 'not fair,' " he said with a laugh, referring to the use of the fish in Japanese cuisine.

Saed Wadi, his brother, countered, "Let's bring back Morimoto for lamb. Sameh is the lamb king!"

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Saffron is at 123 N. 3rd St.