By way of catching up ... We've seen a number of our local athletes this week as their teams conducted pre-Olympics press conferences in the Main Press Center. Fencer Susie Scanlan and wrestler Chas Betts were blown away by the sheer amount of stuff the U.S. Olympic Committee provides.

When the athletes go through processing, they are given loads of gear. Shoes, sweats, T-shirts, bags, etc. Scanlan and Betts already have sent some of it home; it would be too unwieldy to try and haul all of it through the airport when they leave. Scanlan and coach Ro Sobalvarro also noted that a Ralph Lauren stylist was on-site to ensure the blazers and pants for the opening ceremony were tailored for a precise fit. Sobalvarro said the men are wearing white bucks, so good thing it looks like it won't rain.

Lots of people have weighed in on the look of the uniforms. They're touted as "classic American style.'' And they are, to some degree. But they do look like something seen at a cocktail party at a Connecticut yacht club circa 1970. Not very modern. Looking forward to the Italians, Swedes and Canadians, who never fail to disappoint as Olympic style icons.

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