Happy Halloween everyone, even if it's the chilliest version of the spooky holiday we've had in almost two decades (or for me, ever). Don't be surprised if you see a bourbon-fueled, Amelia-sized bigfoot out wandering the streets of Uptown tonight, terrorizing Minneapolis youth. This swamp ape has no concerns with cold.

As for the Gophers? Well, they've got practice and workouts and then they might be dressing up in the following costumes:

***Disclaimer: I did not sneak into the players' dorms to obtain this information. I have no idea what the players will wear or if they'll dress up at all. This is a joke.**

Andre Hollins: An emoticon -- Like one of the ones with the big half-circle smiles ever present. All he needs is a big round piece of yellow cardboard with a hole in it.

Bakary Konate: The tin man -- a few weeks into the start of the fall season, and it's already clear the big newcomer is all heart, even if he doesn't realize it.

Carlos Morris: Prairie dog -- From Squirrel to Gopher, the JUCO transfer just wants to be a different rodent today.

DeAndre Mathieu: Mighty Mouse -- Too obvious? I don't care. This thing is harder than it seems. He's here to save the day.

Joey King : Norman Bates -- Because he doesn't have to dress up for it. Am I right??

Mo Walker: Rocky -- The breakout center works hard, transformed his body, has no ego and kinda came out of nowhere. Can't you just imagine him running through the snow?

Elliott Eliason: Traffic cone -- He blocks everything.

Daquein McNeil: Ice bucket (as in challenge) -- Seems small and unassuming, but capable of huge growth.

Nate Mason: The Hamburgler -- He's going to rob Gophers opponents silly this winter.

Josh Martin: Sharknado -- I don't always know what's going on here, but he's got the ability to unleash some serious damage.

Charles Buggs: Mr. Peanut -- For some reason, I just like the idea of him dancing around with a hat and a cane. The team entertainer.

Richard Pitino: Michael Corleone -- Son of the godfather who turns out to be very good at the family business.


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