What airports will be the craziest this week?

This holiday season, U.S. airports are packing them in like stuffing in a turkey. Los Angeles takes the pie in this year's report from Orbitz, bumping Chicago O'Hare to second place. Washington's Reagan National and Atlanta's Hartsfield fell off the Top 10 list, while Orlando climbed aboard, grabbing third place. New York's threesome (JFK, LaGuardia and Newark, N.J.) is there, as are San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and Denver. To avoid the crowds, you might relocate to San Jose or Santa Ana, Calif., or Maui -- the three least-busy airports in the report. The findings are based on arrivals and departures at 50 airports between Nov. 23 and Nov. 27.


Phone app can help travelers shop smarter

Planning on doing some holiday shopping from the road? Nextag.com, a popular deal-alert site for online shoppers, has a handy smartphone app for travelers and others on the go that lets you know when a particular item drops in price.


Add-a-Bag Strap can ease suitcase struggle

If your suitcase doesn't have a strap that lets a smaller suitcase take a piggyback ride, try the Lewis N. Clark Add-a-Bag Strap (about $5 through online retailers). It wraps around the carrying handle of your larger suitcase and then attaches to the smaller bag, distributing the weight and making both easy to pull.


Downsizing toiletry containers for flights

Struggling to fit all your products that small plastic bag for your flight? According to TSA rules, you can carry as many containers as will fit in a one-quart clear plastic "zip'' bag. Several websites specialize in a range of TSA-approved travel sized products, many of them impossible to find at your local drugstore, including www.3floz.com and www .traveltoiletrykits.com.