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Happy Saturday! It should be nice and cool out there today - perfect for this week's biggest local sporting event, the Minnesota Cricket Association Championship! A friend of mine is playing in the Div. 1 championship match, so I encourage you to get out to Bryn Mawr Park (394 and Penn) to cheer on University CC. I can tell you from past experience that everyone there is more than willing to answer any questions you might have, such as, "What in the blue heck just happened?" (If you go, you will ask this at least once. Just trust me.) And if you can't make it this week, like me, there's yet the upcoming Twenty20 tournament, so no worries - there's much cricket left to play.

That'll be the last cricket-related text in this post, I swear. Now, onto the links!

Britt Robson gives his take on the ongoing Ricky Rubio drama, and proves once again that he's the best, and the rest of us are just proverbial monkeys banging on these newfangled electronic typewriters.

*Another one for the "football is dangerous" file: Deadspin's Dashiell Bennett opines on the anti-injury mindset of football. I love football very much, and I think it's a great sport, but stuff like this does make you wonder.

*Also from Deadspin: the Confessions of an NBA Scorekeeper is absolutely worth reading. This is part of the reason that baseball stats are so sacred to fans; we can argue about the decisions of the official scorer, but you'll never see a Mariners team employee awarding Ichiro four extra hits in a game just to get the team on SportsCenter.

*The great Vikes Geek links the Vikings' current spending, the team's salary-cap situation in this year and future years, and the never-ending stadium debate - all into one post. Bravo.

That's enough for another week; enjoy the weekend. With high school and college football starting up next weekend, it's truly the last weekend of the summer; the glories of autumn are just around the corner.

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