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Happy Saturday! This is one of those weekends where the less said about the weather, the better, so let's just move on with the links and ignore our frozen extremities:

*We start this week with a clip from the new show The Onion's SportsDome, which is making fun of soccer, or more precisely, of ESPN's coverage of soccer. It's four years of MLS highlights in one package. Key quote: "For more coverage, type 'MLS' into Google, and I'm sure you'll find something."

*Baseball means spring and spring means no more winter, so let's think about baseball for a bit. Parker Hageman's been doing a lot of thinking, like usual: he's got visual proof of why Jim Thome was so much better in 2010 than in 2009 -- and what that might mean for ol' Jimmers in 2011.

*On the other side, Nick Nelson has been leading the Twins blogosphere in negativity this offseason, and this week he's up in arms about Matt Capps, who singlehandedly killed the Twins' financial flexibility by costing the same price as two equally-good relievers. (My own prediction is that we will all end 2011 hating Matt Capps, who's the bad side of Jesse Crain, only in a bigger pair of pants.)

*And finally: Chris at the Western College Hockey Blog looks at the NCAA's changes to the Pairwise rankings, college hockey's method of selecting teams for the NCAA tournament. Basically, they seem to have taken a bad system, and made it even worse. I'll say this: if college football used this system to select teams for bowls, everyone in the country would be clamoring for the BCS.

That's enough for today. If you're heading down to Lake Nokomis for the US Pond Hockey Championships, then sir or ma'am, I salute you. As for me, I'm going to see if I can find a business that will, for a fee, put a hot tub in my basement for about a week.

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