Easy access to ammo gets fresh scrutiny after workplace rampage: Buy as much as you want. That was the reaction to a request for 10,000 bullets at gun stores spanning Richfield to Robbinsdale. There are no limits on how much ammunition a person can buy for a handgun, beyond a requirement that they be 21. (Maya Rao)

Gail Rosenblum: Let's hope Park Board doesn't sink Phillips pool: Tucked into Gov. Mark Dayton's $566 million bonding bill was $1.75 million for reconstruction of the long-closed Phillips neighborhood indoor pool. But the Park Board might not go along with the plan. 

Target Plaza Commons -- Not your average break room: The $70 billion retail giant joined and renovated two low-lying historic buildings on Nicollet Mall into an industrial-chic space where its 11,000 Twin Cities employees can kick back, ponder deep thoughts and confab with colleagues. (Janet Moore)

Terror trial: Omar as dupe or militant? Three immigrants to testify as lawyers paint conflicting pictures. Government says Minnesotan supplied Somali terrorists. Defenders say he couldn't. (Dan Browning)

School district adds 400 kids: Across the metro area, preliminary reporting requirements indicate shifting figures for many districts. Minneapolis -- like St. Paul, long troubled by declining enrollments -- added students. Meanwhile, suburban districts such as Lakeville and Elk River that once showed huge growth, along with their housing booms, have leveled off. (Maria Elena Baca)

Woman got a pulse, and some hope, for boy hit by car: Nancy Ortiz, a nurse, tried to save 4-year-old Jose Parra Hernandez, who was struck by a car near Stewart Park. (Mary Lynn Smith)

Remains of Minneapolis Marine missing 68 years to be buried Thursday (Mark Brunswick)

Running not for her best time, but for love: Friends and family will run the Twin Cities Marathon this weekend with Johanna Olson as she battles a recurring brain tumor. (Rachel Blount)