. . . as long as he still has it, that is. AP says:

Las Vegas icon Wayne Newton said a yearlong effort to turn his sprawling Sin City estate, Casa de Shenandoah, into a tourist destination is almost complete.

A promotional tour is expected to begin next month and Newton told The Associated Press he hopes to offer the first public tours by February.

Visitors will be able to survey the singer's collection of European antiques and celebrity mementos — including Nat King Cole's watch, a Johnny Cash guitar and a champagne glass used by Frank Sinatra to toast Newton.

"It's going great," Newton said Tuesday. "It should be open by January or February."

You’re going to have to take his word on these things, right? It’s not as if we all have a clear, definitive picture in our mind of Nat King Cole’s watch. You might wonder why he’s doing this - a grand altruistic gesture to let the world enjoy the things he’s accumulated, perhaps? Perhaps. But in the last few years he’s had some financial difficulties. His pilot sued him for half a mil, and won. Last year he was sued for a lot more. According to a newspaper that has a habit of suing everyone who quotes their pieces online, which means they’re not getting a link here, he’s been sued not paying off a multi-million loan, not paying for hay for his horses, not paying off his Caddy, and leaving his airplane at an airport in Detroit, where it got moldy. (Really.) What happened? This site says:

A source says, "Wayne's gone from being the highest-paid entertainer in the world to being broke. He owes money everywhere in Las Vegas and beyond...

One insider says, "He trusted people who robbed him blind - and he spent money like there was no tomorrow. The standing order in Wayne's office was that no one could speak to him about bills or creditors. It was made clear that his job was to perform, smile at fans and then go home and go to bed. I'm guessing that even today he doesn't know half of what he owes or to whom."

When you’re in that situation, you find out. Eventually. 

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