Associated Press reporters checked in with voters across the Twin Cities to get their reaction to the 2010 election. A sampling: 

"I'm going to give Democrats a little more time to see if they can do anything." Amy Sullivan, 49, of Bloomington, explaining her vote for Mark Dayton.

 "I'm just afraid the Democrats tend to take from the working and give to those who aren't." Sally McCabe, 56, of Plymouth, a Tom Emmer supporter.
McCabe on Barack Obama: "I will honestly say that I voted for him two years ago and I want my vote back."
"It's the right direction for our country, instead of spending our way to prosperity." Terrence Mullery, 52, of Bloomington, explaining his support for the Republicans and Tom Emmer.
Jason Scott, 41, of Edina, a self-described Democrat, on why he chose Independent Tom Horner over Democrat Mark Dayton: "In Congress (Dayton) gave himself an F."
Chalisa Everson, 22, of Edina, a cosmetology student, complaining that candidates didn't do enough to attract young voters: "I don't know anybody else my age who's going out to vote today." Everson said she posted something to her Facebook page about going to vote and "no one said a thing." She supported Dayton.
"He had his own business. I think he would have the most sensible approach on taxation." Bud Benson, 81, of Edina, a retired 3M engineer and self-described Republican, on why he voted for Independent Tom Horner.
Sarah LeBlanc, 32, of Edina, a Democrat, on why she voted for Mark Dayton: "He's more for the hard-working, more for making a difference with schools."
Oscar Backlund, 84, of Edina, a Democrat, explaining why he still likes Obama: "I think he's got an awful lot to clean up after, that Bush left him with."
Kellie Blazei, 45, of Plymouth, a special ed teacher and Democrat, on Obama and expected Democratic losses: "I don't think we've given him enough time, which I think is a big problem. And people are just so used to having immediate gratification. I think they need more time to figure out what's going on."

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