Vikings tailgaters might have to find new ways to gear up for games. A smaller zone for tailgating near the new U.S. Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis won preliminary approval Tuesday at City Hall. The Vikings will also have to convince owners of the parking lots within the zone to allow tailgating.

It is estimated the eight qualifying lots in the new zone could provide up to 1,000 spaces, but this will likely shrink with more development, leaving far fewer spots than were available when the Vikings played at the Metrodome.

This is concerning to fans that consider tailgating an essential part to Sunday game days. Others aren’t concerned about the new boundaries with all the new entertainment options sprouting up around the stadium.

What are your thoughts on the shrinking tailgating zone?

The early reaction from our readers:

From mdcastle
“There'd have been plenty of space for tailgating in Arden Hills or Blaine. Just Saying."

From marketer
“ ‘Tailgating is a huge part of the experience’
Of course, more tailgating means less business for the bars and restaurants in the area. I was under the false assumption that football fans were big spenders. As it turns out they are very gullible.”

From all1relative
“I'm also pretty sure that 50,000 people aren't tailgating. If you actually went to a game and went to bars before and after games you would see how packed they get.  Not everyone that Tailgates goes to the games btw.  Where do they go to watch it?  Oh the bars.”

From teamtepley
“While tailgating is awesome, putting the stadium where it is was the best call, hands down. Central location, easy access to multiple major freeways, walking distance to numerous hotels and restaurants, and a public transport hub. Putting it in Arden Hills would've been a huge waste of resources. I still believe there's plenty of space for tailgating, people just need to get creative”

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