In case you hadn't heard, we've been appearing on the Fox Sports Prep Zone for the past several weeks (6 p.m. every Tuesday, which means it's on tonight!). It's a show dedicated (at least in the fall) to high school football in the state. On one segment, friend of RandBall Tom Linnemann executes the "Linnemann Challenge," whereby he and a local high school QB "compete" in a series of three events. It's meant to be funny, and hopefully it is. The original idea was ours (we wanted to call it Uncle Rico's Challenge), though Tom has certainly taken it and run with it. We've also enlisted the comic writing genius of RandBall commenter Brandon for the past couple of segments. And the really great news is that we now have all the existing segments on digital files and are uploading them to YouTube. Here's the first one we uploaded, which was the first one that featured the collaboration between ourselves, Brandon and Tom. The quarterback? Kevin Miley of Cretin-Derham Hall. Please do enjoy ...


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