Tanks for the memories

Some of the most fun in top shooter series such as “Halo,” “Call of Duty” and “Battlefield” comes not from running and gunning, but from hopping into a tank and wreaking total mech-powered havoc. So a game like “World of Tanks,” in which you do only that, pretty much sells itself, especially when it’s free — and when every tank on the battlefield has another game geek like you controlling it. A popular draw among PC gamers since 2011, “World of Tanks” recently became available for the Xbox 360 via a free Xbox Live download. The resulting flood of casual gamers — up to 30 tanks, split into two teams, at once — simply means that blowing up unsuspecting opponents earns upgrades and new tanks that much faster. More than 100 armored beasts are available. And then — ba-boom! — it’s off to the battlefield again.