A van reaching speeds of up to 100 miles per hour trying to elude Richfield police crashed into a house early Sunday, and the fleeing driver was killed.

The crash occurred about 2:50 a.m. Sunday on southbound Bloomington Avenue S. near 73rd Street, according to a woman who lives across the street.

A police sergeant told the Star Tribune that the vehicle's lone occupant was killed. At one point before the crash, an officer told dispatch that he was ending his pursuit as the van reached 100 mph. The crash occurred a moment later.

Police said in a statement Monday that the pursuit was initiated after an officer saw the van hit a stop sign at 62nd Street and Bloomington Avenue and continue south.

The officer trailed the van for about four blocks but backed off because of "the driver's increasing speed, erratic driving and disregard of numerous traffic control devices," the statement read.

Chaley Thames said her dog awakened her following the sound of the impact.

The vehicle hit "trees first, then crashed into the corner of a house and along the front of the house hitting the chimney [at ground level]," said Thames, who went to the scene moments after the crash. "The victim hit the chimney when he was ejected from the van."