Remember learning about rainbows and prisms in elementary school? You can use those same lessons when combining flowers and foliage to create a beautiful bouquet, according to Debra Prinzing, author of “Slow Flowers” and “The 50-Mile Bouquet.”

The seven color bands of the rainbow are represented on both the artist’s color wheel and in nature’s flora, she said. Prinzing uses the color wheel as a simple guide for floral combinations inspired by principles of complementary or analogous color theory.

“For DIY designers, it’s an easy guide to get started,” she said. “Sometimes when you’re at the flower stand or even walking through the garden, the choices are certainly beautiful but also overwhelming. The color wheel ideas help organize your design process.”

Watch Prinzing combine petals, leaves and vases to create harmonious floral arrangements.

Flower Color Theory with Debra Prinzing from debra prinzing on Vimeo.