University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler introduced himself Thursday morning to 5,500 first-year students with a black-and-white silent film.

It stars Kaler and his roommate, Goldy Gopher, experiencing the firsts of college life. Its music was composed by a U graduate student, Tiffany Skidmore.

Kaler then went on to congratulate the class of 2016 -- with its highest average ACT score in university history -- encourage them not to "do anything stupid," and stress that in four years, they ought to be graduating.

He also talked about his co-star: "Goldy is a trip. Just never stopped jumping around. Always doing push-ups. Constantly grooming his tail. Always flossing his tooth. And that spinning head is just over the top."

"Hopefully, your roommate experience will be a bit lower key," he said. "But maybe not."

Read the full text of his remarks here.