It was a harmless tweet meant to provoke a little thought on the state of Twins baseball over the last two weeks of the season.

After the Twins latest trainwreck, a 4-3 loss to the hapless Chicago White Sox, I asked fans on twitter to predict the Twins record over the final 12 games of the season. I received several dozen responses in a couple of hours. Pretty good, I think, for fans of a team in a tailspin.

Here are the results of the quicktwit poll:

3-9:      35 percent
2-10:    26 percent
4-8:      11 percent
0-12:     8 percent
1-11:     6 percent
12-0:     4 percent - after @BertBlyleven tweeted Twins fans should be behind their team

5-7:        1 percent
6-6:        1 percent
8-4:        1 percent

So most of you feel that the Twins will finish 67-95 - and manager Ron Gardenhire will end the season with 999 career victories.  That also means that, over the last three seasons, the Twins will have lost 99, 96 and 95 games.

Sooooooo, I pose the question on this blog. There's 12 games left in the season. You see what the Twins are putting on the field these days. What will their record be over the final 12 games.

Keep in mind that the Twins have series left against Oakland, Detroit and Cleveland - teams in the playoff hunt.

What say you?????? Discuss.

Will check back later with lineups and updates.

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