Colleague Bill W. passes along an amusing story:

After winning Super Bowl XLV on Sunday, the Green Bay Packers took home the Vince Lombardi trophy, named for their football franchise’s late, legendary coach.

Earlier on Super Bowl Sunday, Ellsworth police took a less well-known Vincent Lombardi, 38, of Kenduskeag to jail.

Ellsworth police Officer Chad Wilmot arrested Lombardi early Sunday morning after he allegedly tried to break into a local auto parts store.

If you aren't satisfied with our shoddy use of Microsoft Paint, there is a photo of the *real* Lombardi in question with the story. He kind of looks like Christian Bale circa "The Fighter," if Bale was a bad criminal.

The real talker, though, was what we put together for Page 2 today: A list of rules for Packers fans to safely enjoy their Super Bowl title within our borders. Go have a look-see, and feel free to place any addendums in the comments over here.

Clearance Clarence is next. He does not share our opinion of the halftime show.

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