A tropical cyclone could bring damaging winds and flooding rain to eastern India at the end of the week.

As of Thursday, a tropical weather system, formerly a tropical depression near the Malay Peninsula, was centered over the southern Bay of Bengal about 730 miles east-southeast of Chennai (Madras), India.

This weather system will organize into a tropical depression and later, a tropical cyclone, over the open Bay of Bengal by Friday.

Southern Bay of Bengal on Thursday, November 4 (Credit: JTWC) The latest information indicates that landfall of a cyclone of tropical storm or even hurricane strength is projected to take place on or about Sunday. It is likely landfall would be on the southeastern coast near the state border between Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

The city of Chennai could be hit directly.

The greatest threat to life and property will stem from torrential rain and flooding, especially near the coast.

Also a threat will be damaging winds and even a flooding storm tide.

This tropical weather system already has a history of adverse weather. It triggered flooding rain over southernmost Thailand on Sunday and Monday.

By AccuWeather.com Senior Meteorologist Jim Andrews