Poor Juli Jay doesn't expect to return to the traffic map until next year, as in January.

The Fox 9 traffic reporter broke both bones in her leg and cracked her heel in a freak accident earlier this month while dining with friends. She spent four days at North Memorial after surgery, during which doctors installed a rod from her knee to her ankle, and later discovered Jay's heel was cracked, said her husband of more than a year, Brad Swagger, a Fox 9 investigative photojournalist.

Jay got up from sitting on a bike rack, slipped "and her foot stayed,'' Swagger said. "She's in a lot of pain. Slow going. She's in good spirits. She misses work, she misses everybody and looks forward to coming back to work as soon as possible. She's an independent contractor [who] works part-time. She doesn't work, she doesn't make money so I don't know what we're going to do for holidays and bills. Getting ready for Thanksgiving, I get to do everything. But the dogs are taking care of her. They love it."

Get well, Juli.

Life Time lunch and recess?

Life Time Fitness CEO Bahram Akradi wants Twin Cities school cafeteria cookies made with olive oil and whole wheat flour to be the norm in a few years.

Akradi unveiled a "Healthy Kids, Healthy Planet" initiative last week at the Minneapolis Depot, just in time to give you pause at the dinner table. Akradi dressed the stage with 106 liters of soft drinks, the equivalent of how much each American child reportedly drinks in a year. Of two tables filled with food choices, one featured food you should minimize and the other healthier examples of heavily processed foods.

The father of Meghan, 9, and Akiliez, 2, has become passionate about his youngest child eating healthy food.

"So far I have been able to keep him from eating any of those [bad ingredients] I mentioned. Somebody told me about five or six months ago, But how long can you do this? When he goes to school, you can't do anything about it. That day I thought 'We'll change the schools before he gets there.'"

Akradi's changed the menu at fitness centers, removing high-fructose corn syrup, processed sugar, bleached flour, preservatives, food coloring and trans fats. The menu redesign has not been more expensive and "it's by far tastier," he said. "Our sales are up, the customers are happier."

Akradi wants to take this approach to interested Twin Cities elementary schools, with Life Time making up any additional cost. E-mails are being accepted at foundation@lifetimefitness .com. Life Time will pick one school for a pilot that includes parents committing to continue healthy eating practices at home. Life Time trainers would come to the school to exercise the kids for 15 to 20 minutes a day.

Akradi said he's not trying to be a Twin Cities version of Jamie Oliver. "Food Revolution," a reality show that chronicled the obstacles the UK chef encountered when trying to bring healthier food to a school in West Virginia.

"I have heard about Jamie Oliver," said Akradi, who never saw the TV show, "after I told people about my idea. Honestly what I want to do is do the right thing by starting small in one school. We want to make a difference and then we hope that we get copied."

Kardashian goes pro again

That beautiful Kim Kardashian sure can scout the pro athletes.

The once-married cover girl of People's current mag lamenting, "I Thought I'd Be Married By Now," had been in NYC opening another boutique when she suddenly was dining with the New Jersey Nets' Kris Humphries, a Minnesotan.

Makes you wonder if dinner at Nobu, according to various websites, was arranged by her reality show producers?

Regardless, I hope Humphries left full of dinner and not himself, as he seemed the last time I was around him. Being bounced around in trades has probably helped downsize that ego.

Alas, says USmagazine.com, Kardashian spent Sunday at a Lakers game with Gabriel Aubry, a Gucci model and ex-beau of Halle Berry. Good to break free of a pro-athletes habit that's included Reggie Bush and Miles Austin.

Lean times for this ad firm

Minneapolis ad agency mono came up with MSNBC's new tag line Lean Forward.

With Joe Scarborough leaning right and Keith Olbermann leaning left, mono clearly put the proper slant on the network where both of these show anchors recently did time off-air for making political campaign contributions.

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