To keep the peace between cyclists and dog-owners in a Mankato city park, the City Council on Monday night split it in half: Bikes on one side, dogs on the other.

The two contingents had been meeting after "the addition of mountain bike trails generated resentment from some dog owners, who felt a strong sense of ownership" over Kiwanis Recreation Area, the Free Press reports.

The council tabled action on the bike course in November until "a plan was put in place that would address potential conflicts between dog owners and bicyclists," the council agenda says. The new plan splits the park into a green zone for biking -- no dogs allowed -- and a red zone along a wood-chip trail for off-leash dogs, where bikes cannot roam.

Both groups are allowed in the parking lots, the agenda notes, where dogs must be leashed.

The Free Press reports that most of the people who spoke at Monday's meeting were "complimentary of the compromise":

Brian Guess of Mankato said a significant buffer zone between the two uses was wise because not all people are going to practice proper park etiquette.

"Dog owners are no different than bike owners," Guess said. "Some are courteous and some aren't."