Turning a small space into a special space can be challenging. Designer Chelsey Green described the techniques she used to transform Kasey Reamer's small bedroom into a dream bedroom:

Choose multifunctional furniture. In Kasey's room, the trundle bed is the dominant piece of furniture and the focal point. But it's not just for sleeping; it includes storage drawers and a bookshelf.

Consider colors carefully. Using dark tones on all four walls in a small room can create a "cave-like" effect, Green says. Kasey's room includes one darker purple accent wall, while the remaining three are soft lavender.

Add mirrors. The reflection can create the illusion of more space. Green added a mirror above Kasey's dresser, the first thing visible when entering the room, which instantly gives the room a more spacious feel.

Keep it organized. Clutter creates visual chaos. In Kasey's room, drawers, shelves and cabinets provide storage for all of her favorite things, keeping them out of sight when not in use.