We have so much to get to today, including the Twitter nightmare that was the Chris Henry story last night and the strange new twist with Royce White, but while those thoughts distill we will start the day with a report that Tiger Woods will soon be single ... and probably ready to mingle. From ABC.com:

A source close to Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, told ABC News.com Wednesday that a "divorce is 100 percent on." Nordegren, a 29-year-old former model, was recently photographed without her wedding ring. "It would not appear that Elin Nordegren is going to be standing by her man," Kate Coyne, senior editor at People Magazine, told "Good Morning America." "Sources have told us that Elin has told us this marriage is over and she is looking to divorce."

Frankly, this might be the best thing for Woods. If even 20 percent of the rumored affairs are true, he's clearly not fit to be married. But he might as well be single and live the life legitimately. There might be some who still don't care for his lifestyle, but at least at that point nobody would have a right to continue to question his morals. Become the Derek Jeter of golf. It might be the only way.

Your thoughts?

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