Kevin Love has two broken bones in his shooting hand. Nothing but time is going to make those bones heal. Finding out for some reason that he did not break those bones doing knuckle pushups, as he has repeatedly said he did, is not going to make his hand heal any faster.

So why do we care so much?

Does he suddenly become more interesting if he hurt his hand, say, punching someone or something? Do we all want to say, "Gotcha!" and call him irresponsible for breaking it on less-than-professional terms?

In that case, maybe it matters a little. But it doesn't matter a lot. Maybe we should just let it go?

"I know what happened, I'm not trying to get around it, I'm not trying to lie," Love said Wednesday. "That's what happened ... It was pretty much a freak accident. It was a weird thing. It just happened. ... I've heard it all by now, so I just tell them, 'Hey, sorry, I don't have a better story for you,' " he said. "I know it's more sexy having punched something but also I guess more idiotic, for lack of a better term. But I didn't punch something, so, sorry ... This isn't TMZ, this isn't 'People' magazine. I think most people are just looking for a story."

Maybe you don't believe him. And maybe it doesn't matter. Because he's not coming back any sooner or later regardless of how it happened.

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