You may be ready to move on from Sunday's NFC Championship Game -- the "38-don't ask" defeat as columnist Jim Souhan has called it -- but here's a guess that part of you wants to know how the game and its aftermath played out in Philadelphia.

So here goes:

Columnist David Murphy of the Philadelphia Daily News wrote this about Philadelphia's stop-gap quarterback Nick Foles, who took care of the Vikings in the same way that MInnesota's unexpected QB, Case Keenum, took care of some games during the Vikings' season:  "You could’ve predicted a lot of what went down on the final leg of the Eagles’ improbable journey to Super Bowl LII: that a relentless pass rush would wreak havoc on the Vikings’ ability to execute their game plan; that the entire complexion of the game would change on a touchdown return off a Case Keenum interception; that the Eagles’ front seven would smother Minnesota’s running game, further amplifying the effect of their pass rush; that Pederson would stomp his foot down on the gas pedal and refuse to let go, tacking on three points with an urgent drive at the end of the first half and then opening up the second with a 41-yard flea-flicker bomb for a touchdown, stunning the Vikings sideline into the silent, wide-eyed stillness of resignation. What you could not have predicted was the performance of the man you saw standing tall in the pocket on that flea-flicker heave and so many other throws. In the biggest game of his life, when the stakes were the highest, Foles was better than he had ever been before."

Read the full column here,

Zach Berman of the Daily News paid tribute to the Eagles' fans. (Yes, we know that some Eagles fans were unruly and unfriendly to their Minnesota visitors. We're also wondering if that was part of the price they paid for the group 'Skol clap' by the Rocky statue on Sunday morning.): "Philadelphia fans deserve a lot of credit. The Eagles finished this season 9-1 at home. The only loss came when the starters sat for most of Week 17. Lincoln Financial Field offers a true home-field advantage. Ultimately, it’s up to players and coaches to win or lose – the fans don’t do that. But this is a tough environment for opponents, and Sunday was the latest example.'I don’t think they sat down the whole game,' (Coach Doug) Pederson said. 'I’m curious to see what the crowd will be like in Minneapolis.' The Patriots fans are used to this – it’s their third Super Bowl in four years. For Eagles fans, this hasn’t happened in 13 years. The Eagles fans might be more tempted to treat it like a rare occasion.

More of Berman is here.

The Philadelphia Enquirer staff watched the fan celebration afterward, which included taunts backward at Minnesota and ahead at New England, their Super Bowl opponent:

Police kept a good-natured watch on it all, confiscating beers from celebrators, few of whom seemed to mind. A trip to the Super Bowl seemed enough of a mood lifter. Sirens could be heard through the city long after the game ended, but late Sunday evening Philadelphia and SEPTA police reported no major disturbances. "The celebration moved ... up Broad Street, where fans ran in between cars in traffic and drivers honked in support. Residents left their homes and stood on sidewalks, banging pots and pans and cheering. Traffic snarled near Broad and Oregon Avenue, where fans swarmed the intersection and screamed: 'Let’s go Eagles!' Inevitably, a different chant broke out, a profanity directed at Tom Brady. The Patriots’ star quarterback will again be Public Enemy No. 1 in the city. 'All the Minnesota fans, go back to Minnesota!' Shaun Jones, of Germantown, yelled at Broad and Pattison, in between high fives from passing Eagles fans. 'This is way better” than any of the Eagles’ past championship game appearances,' said Jones, 35,  'because we weren’t even expected to be here. We weren’t expected to win.' ”

Read the full fan celebration story here

Speaking of fans, want to read about the bloody fight in a parking lot before the game? reported that "the brawl got so out of control that six horses were called to the scene in an attempt to control the crowd."  Also, the 19-year-old fan who was arrested met that fate because he allegedly punched a horse.

Here's the report.

And the video:

On, and there were 11 cars that were zapped with green spray paint on Sunday night.

Back to the game. Eliot Shorr-Parks of wrote about why the Eagles are going to win the Super Bowl:

"No team has been able to silence the Eagles' defensive line this season, and that has been especially true in the playoffs. With defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, defensive end Brandon Graham and a line that goes seven players deep, the Eagles will be able to get pressure on the quarterback in Super Bowl LII -- and it very well could be the reason they win it. ...Super Bowls can turn and be won on just one play, and the Eagles' defense has shown they are capable of making big plays when it matters most."

Read more of Shorr-Parks here.

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