So it’s not going to be a record-breaking day, heat-wise. This means the Fair will not be the hellish sweat-hole it was yesterday - even when the sun started to head down, everyone was glistening. And not in a good way. It’s great to be among your fellow Minnesotans, but not when they’re so . . . moist.


This seems new. Didn’t see it before. Not sure I want to see it again.



He seems to be aware of the uncomfortable reaction some might have. Hey! I know I’m a big insect with a human face. We can still be friends, right?

Here’s a challenge: can you name this intersection?

For long-time Fairgoers, it’ll be a cinch: the lettering gives it away. Until a few years ago, the building next door had the same lettering, advertising something else. Hint: that next-door attraction hasn’t changed; just the sign’s different.

Today’s Fair video: KISS! AWESOME! KISS! It's right here.