You know how you're trying to find a Sandeman liquor ad from the 60s on YouTube, and then you find yourself looking at 1960s promotional films for St. Petersburg? Right. But, you say, usually there's a stop in the middle to investigate the careers of BBC weathermen.

Really? Me too. The Sandeman search term turned up a 1980s BBC TV show called "The Adventure Game," where one can witness the worst alien-creature design Britain had to offer, as well as computer graphics that strike modern eyes as a notch above Etch-a-Sketch level.

I wondered who the older bloke was, to use the slang of the Sceptred Isle, and discovered he was a famous weatherman. YouTube's "related videos" included this piece of needless humiliation, where a newsreader gave him the business for not seeing a big storm coming

As for the St. Petersburg promo, it concerned an alien who came to Earth to study our culture, and chose an odd way to experience Florida: it turned into a cat. It's from this page of old Florida promotional flicks, which would be a fine way to amuse yourselves over the lunch hour.