We have returned from the State Fair, where along with Chip Scoggins and Amelia Rayno, we answered sports-related questions (when will the Twins be good again?) and non-sports questions (what is the name of Justin Bieber's step-sister?).

The answer in both cases is Jazmyn.

Wait, no. Just the second one, we learned. We also handed out several tubes of dill pickle flavored lip balm.

But back to that first question. It's on the minds of a lot of folks because summer isn't quite the same when the baseball team is losing. We'll take it one step further: Will the Twins, who narrowly avoided losing 100 games last year, reach the century mark this year?

Last year's team was actually three games AHEAD of this year's pace, going 55-73 through 128 games compared to this year's 52-76 record. Then again, last year's team didn't just limp to the finish. It crawled on hands and knees, going just 8-26 in those final 34 games (including victories in its final two games to avoid 100 losses.

This year's squad needs to go 11-23 to avoid that magic mark. Can they do it? We'll be there tonight and tomorrow in Section 323 as the mystery unfolds. Our best guess is they will avoid the dubious 100 losses and will finish slightly ahead of last year.

Your thoughts, though, in the comments.

If they do reach 100 losses, we will officially refer to it as a Jazmyn.

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