On the day Wikipedia went dark (unless, you know, you just hit the escape key when you were trying to load the page you wanted), actor Rob Lowe lit up as a possible NFL insider. Like a Brat Packed-out Jay Glazer, Lowe tweeted that he was hearing Peyton Manning was retiring.

is it true? There has been no further confirmation or sourcing. At this point, that's almost not the point. The fact that Rob Lowe put it out there is enough of a story.

We do know this:

*Lowe is a huge Colts fan.

*Jim Irsay, Colts owner, only follows 99 people on Twitter. Lowe is one of them. In fact, he was the first person Irsay ever followed on Twitter.

*Manning's dad and agent deny it.

*Twitter has already exceeded its threshold of "1980s actor X is reporting sports story Y" jokes. It was fun while it lasted.

*Seeing the line "the story was first reported by actor Rob Lowe" in any breaking news report would blow our minds.

*If he's wrong -- which Lowe admittedly hopes he is -- he can always just say: "Guys, about last night ..."

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