As you have undoubtedly heard by now, the streak will end tonight. Brett Favre, who has started 297 consecutive NFL games, will give way to Tarvaris Jackson.

By our calculations, Jackson will be just 296 games away from tying Favre by the end of tonight. if he starts the final three games as well, then every game for the next 18 seasons (2011-2028), he will be just five games shy of Favre going into the 2029 season. Of course, Jackson will be 46 years old going into that year.

Maybe we shouldn't hold our breath.

And maybe we should think about just how crazy Favre's streak has been.

And maybe we should wonder if we've seen him play for the last time?

And (longer shot): If the Metrodome is unplayable next week as well, and there is really a work stoppage in 2011, and the lease expires after that with a new solution in place, have we also seen the final NFL game in that building?

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