Stu is counting on this being long enough ago that we can all laugh. Wait, didn't we all laugh when it happened? Anyway, Stu?


The Huntdown

Name: The “Love Boat” Incident

Claim to Fame, Minnesota: on October 6, 2005, members of the Purple chartered two boats to cruise Lake Minnetonka. And by “cruise Lake Minnetonka,” I mean re-enact Caligula. It takes a lot for something to be the most notorious Vikings-related incident this decade (41-Donut, Korey Stringer, Koren Robinson, the Randy Ratio, the Parking Cop, the Ticket Scalping, Arctic Blast, The Stairwell, the Favre Helicopter Chase, StarCaps, Spergon Wynn starting two games at QB), but unless Jared Allen drives a stolen monster truck into Winter Park and burns it to the ground before December 31st, I’m pretty sure this is the winner.

Claim to Fame, Everywhere Else: an inaugural member of the Deadspin Hall of Fame AND the subject of a term paper entitled, “The Vikings Sex Boat Scandal from a Foucaultian Perspective,” which seems a bargain at $59.75. Get yours today!

Where They Are Now: of the players listed in the Wiki rundown, only three remain with the Vikings: Bryant McKinnie, Kevin Williams, and Pat Williams. As to some of the rest:

Fred Smoot. The rumored mastermind behind the whole operation is back with the Washington Redskins, but the jokes involving Smoot and his penchant for taking Ernie Banks' famous saying to a different level? Those, those are ours.

Daunte Culpepper. He plays for the Lions now. He’s suffered enough. (Reminder: 39 TDs vs. 11 interceptions, runner-up to Peyton Manning for league MVP in 2004. It happened.)

Lance Johnstone. Allegedly put the deposit for the trip on his credit card. It’s not fair to say that this incident is a black mark on his career, as he has played for the Oakland Raiders. Twice.

Darren Sharper. Look at him now, look at him now.

Jermaine Wiggins. As the headline notes, Jermaine Wiggins is Ready to Ball (for the UFL’s Florida Tuskers).

Koren Robinson. Was recently suspended from the UFL’s New York Sentinels for missing meetings. Which is weird, since he always seemed so reliable …

Mewelde Moore. Enjoying another year as the third down back most likely to be on your fantasy team because you drafted poorly (see also: Faulk, Kevin).

Moe Williams. Apparently trains horses now. Lest we forget, he also stole Green Bay’s lunch money for the opening score of the Disgusting Act game. Hence, Moe Williams will always be alright with me.

Willie Offord. Is the head football coach at the Paxon School for Advanced Studies in Jacksonville. DID YOU KNOW? All of Donald Driver’s career touchdowns have been scored against Willie Offord or Brian Russell.

Glorious Randomness: this decade started with a pair of playoff games led by Jeff George at quarterback. It ends with Brett Favre in a Vikings uniform. You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

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