Whether you find the image trouble or downright disturbing, you can never blame the St. Paul Saints for trying. The local ballclub just released its promotional schedule for 2010, and it includes this snippet (and image provided by the team):

Cougar sightings occur all across the world with the largest range of habitation, often stretching from the Yukon in Canada to the Southern Andes in South America. The mammal is often described as slender and agile and can often be heard purring. Recently, cougar sightings have occurred all over the Minnesota landscape (and not just at the Redstone in Minnetonka) from Elk River to Chanhassen to Minneapolis.

On Saturday, May 15 the Saints will show that Minneapolis/St. Paul combines to serve as “The Real Cougar Town.” Fans will get a chance to admire a real, live cougar in its natural environment, but be sure to keep your distance as they can be dangerous. The first 2,500 fans in attendance will receive a Cougar Bobble giveaway.

That is quite a cougar.


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