All it really takes these days to start a news cycle is a well-timed 140-characters.

Adrian Peterson provided that with this tweet:

Did he mean "instantly?" Maybe. Regardless, it's out there. And now we're thinking about it. On the surface, it doesn't seem to make a ton of sense. The Vikings figure to be in the market more for a veteran QB who can help groom a draft pick, not a guy with off-field baggage and injury history. Vick, meanwhile, is probably looking for a place where he is guaranteed to be a starter and where he has a chance to win. The Vikings have weapons, but their 5-10-1 record from a year ago doesn't exactly put them in elite territory even if we think they will be improved.

So the fit is wrong ... except when you consider past Vikings history. Their two best seasons of the past generation have come with castoff veteran QBs who had something to prove (Randall Cunningham in 1998, Brett Favre in 2009) .In both of those cases, of course, the Vikings were coming off playoff seasons the previous year.

The most intriguing thing in all of this will be to watch the Vikings' rebuilding effort and see how it matches up with the win-quick mentality of Peterson, who will be 29 in two weeks. We're not sure Vick makes the Vikings a playoff team, instantly or intently. But it could be important, at least, that Peterson believes it.

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