Inspired by a tweet from @CraigNordquist, we put together a fun little battle to show just how decimated by injuries the Twins have been, particularly lately -- even as they've been winning.

Try this out:

The return to the field of Glen Perkins, Tsuyoshi Nishioka and (probably) Joe Mauer is imminent. Others should return not long after. But for a blessed moment please consider who you would like in a matchup of injured Twins vs. non-injured Twins.

Non-injured Twins, starting lineup (based on who they were going to play Tuesday before the rain came): Revere CF; Casilla SS, Cuddyer RF, Young DH, Hughes 1B, Valencia 3B, Dinkelman LF, Tolbert 2B, Butera C, Pavano SP, regular Twins bullpen

Injured Twins, possible starting lineup (based on players on the DL or headed to the DL Tuesday, and filled out by three players from Rochester not currently on the MLB roster): Span CF; Nishioka SS; Mauer C; Morneau 1B; Kubel RF; Thome DH; Dustin Martin LF; Chase Lambin 3B; Toby Gardenhire 2B, Slowey starting pitcher, Perkins and Nathan in bullpen.

Honestly: If these teams play 10 times (assuming full rest for the pitchers in each case), what’s the split?

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