Perusing the bargain rack of a local retailer last night, we came across some pretty spectacular Vikings finds. Among them:

*An entire rack of Chester Taylor youth-size (meaning they would actually fit a normal adult) Vikings jerseys.

*A Gus Frerotte Vikings jersey.

*And the best of the best, a few XXL Troy Williamson Vikings jerseys. Williamson, of course, was traded away from the Vikings following the 2007 season.

Notes for the curious:

*The Williamson and Frerotte jerseys can be fetched for 12 dollars, 99 cents of American money. E-mail us if you are interested in the exact location, so that we can direct you (and your hopefully gigantic self) to an ironic purchase.

*That is, of course, the RBBH holding up the jersey in question. Obviously it is not Williamson because 1) It is a woman, and 2) the jersey is being grasped and held (with one hand, even) and is never in any danger of being dropped.

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