Per Dan Pompei from National Football Post:

Former Vikings coach Brad Childress is looking like a better coach with each passing week. A few months ago, some people were predicting Childress would never be a head coach again. Front offices are starting to take a harder look at what Childress accomplished in Minnesota within the context of how the Vikings are performing now. It will be an upset if Childress isn’t a candidate for a head coaching job or two in the offseason.

Florio already took the meat cleaver to this one. Can't say we disagree with his most lucid thought: At most, Childress should get another opportunity to be an offensive coordinator, and if he does well then maybe he should be considered eventually for a head-coaching job. But to suggest that the Vikings’ current predicament should make Childress look good by comparison is to ignore Chilly’s role in running the ship aground.

Your thoughts, please, in the comments.

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