Standardized testing can stress out the littlest students all the way to the most seasoned teachers.

A group of teachers in Mounds View Public Schools decided to shake loose some of those nerves with an original power ballad and accompanying music video that’s become an Internet sensation.

The fifth grade teachers at Turtle Lake Elementary in Shoreview wrote and released “Let it Go” a testing parody with some impressive vocals and inspired, if not frenzied, interpretative dance moves. The video starts with the backpacked teachers disembarking a school bus in front of the school in a snow storm.

“I’ve learned so much this year. It’s like a swirling storm inside, I can’t keep it in. It’s time to shine,” one teacher sings.  “...Let it go. I will let my knowledge show.”

The four-minute video has had 130,000 views on YouTube and other sites, according to a district spokesman. It’s also generated plenty of giggles as teachers across the country have shown it to students to cut through the nerves on testing day.

"Teachers are getting responses from all around the country and even beyond," said district spokesman Colin Sokolowski. "Teachers around the globe are finding it, sharing it and saying 'thank you' to our teachers. They get an A+ for creativity and we're thrilled their work is appreciated by so many."