So the Gophers pretty much got crushed on Saturday during the very first ballgame ever played at Target Field, but I didn't really notice.

Personally, I spent the entire afternoon wandering around the ballpark, taking in the scenery, and talking to random strangers, including these adorable little girls and this gentleman, who may be the most interesting man on the planet.

The field itself is breathtaking, and astroturf is becoming a distant memory.  The black spruce out in the center field wall gives a true taste of Minnesota, which you can admire while you mow down the many delicious foods and beverages Target Field has to offer... not that I would know yet.  All I had to eat was beer.  I heard the food was awesome though!

But I do plan on devouring some walleye on a stick and wild rice soup while I  enjoy the long-awaited return of Twins baseball this Saturday afternoon when the St. Louis Cardinals come to town in an MVP vs. MVP exhibition matchup. 

The giant Dave Winfield bobblehead on wheels was a nice surprise too, and this picture of TC Bear in the Fan Guide cracked me up.  What a jokester.

This young lady waited in line at a job fair for several hours to land a position at Hrbek's, which I highly recommend visiting.  The employees were incredibly helpful and courteous and it's just a really fun atmosphere all around.

My visit to the Twins' new home left me with nothing to complain about, other than the fact they hadn't gotten around to putting handles on the entry doors to the women's bathrooms yet... it was a bit of a challenge getting out of there.

If you were in attendance and have any thoughts on the new stadium, or photos you'd like to share with us, email me or leave a comment below!

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