"Attention All Passengers: The Airlines' Dangerous Descent and How to Reclaim Our Skies" by William J. McGee may be a polemic against the current industry, but the well-sourced book should be mandatory reading for fliers. With details culled from years of reporting, McGee covers the decline in airline staffing; what to wear in flight (avoid synthetics), and airline security. Read it, but not while flying; certain sections could bring on a panic attack.


Gothic nights in Gotham

Day never seemed to dawn at Night, a vamp-boutique hotel in Times Square. The 72-room property is an inky antidote to the floodlit square that seems afraid of the dark. The hotel sign, with illuminated white lettering against a black background, sets the tone. Inside, the entire palette, from lobby to eighth floor, is based on an Oreo cookie. "It's easy to decorate," said the front desk clerk, who was dressed like a hip mortician. "It's either black or white." Rates at Night Hotel in New York begin at $279 a night (1-800-336-4110; www.nighthotelny.com).