Now that vote tallies have been set, so have the swearing-in ceremonies for Mayor-elect Betsy Hodges and the new City Council.

Seven council seats turned over this year, and six have returning members. The election was Tuesday, but it took until Thursday night for the vote tallying to officially confirm that Hodges won. Three City Council races were finalized Friday.

Mayor R.T. Rybak is completing his 12th and final year in office. He announced on Dec. 27, 2012, that he would not seek a fourth term as mayor of Minneapolis.

“My staff and I look forward to working with her staff and her over the next two months to ensure an effective transition, so that she hits the ground running for the people of Minneapolis,” he said.

Rybak and Hodges will meet early next week to discuss the mayoral transition. His last full day in office will be Jan. 1. Hodges will be sworn in on Jan. 2, with a full inauguration of Hodges and City Council members to be held in the City Hall rotunda on Jan. 6.