It's a vexing question about Super Bowl LII coming to U.S. Bank Stadium on Feb. 4: When is the best time to get a (relative) deal on tickets?

No need to rely on the experts. Decide for yourself with ticket reseller SeatGeek's online sales tracker.

The tracker shows a surfeit of information about the cost of seats from the macro to the micro. Even those who have no intention of attending the game will find the tracker to be a mesmerizing procrastination partner.

On Friday morning, the average ticket price was $4,809 for one of the 65,000 seats inside the stadium on game day. The live tracker allows for comparison to the past five years on the same day.

In 2017, the average price at this moment, 30 days from the game, was $6,000. In 2013, the average at this time was just over $3,000.

The tracker also indicates the average number of tickets sold every day. It's about 70 right now.

The site shows ticket-shopping hot spots. Minneapolis is No. 1 at 15 percent. Boston is second at 13 percent (New England Patriots fans). New York is third at almost 10 percent followed by Philadelphia at 7 percent and Los Angeles at almost 7 percent.

There's also a map of the stadium showing what's available and which spots are a good deal right now. Seat Geek calls a $7,757 spot in Section C an "amazing deal" right now. That's a mid-llevel seat on the 50-yard line.

An upper level seat in Section 308 roughly above the northwest corner of the field is a so-so deal at $3,883. Those suites at turf level are currently ranked as awful deals at $8,939 per ticket.

For Minnesota Vikings fans, of course, there's the big variable of whether the hometown team will be in the game.

SeatGeek analyst Chris Leyden says there's no time like the present for optimistic Vikings fans.

"If the Vikings reach the Super Bowl prices would likely go up from here, so the most confident fans who are planning to attend may want to start to think about buying tickets before they potentially clinch," he said.

However, if the Vikings don't make it, prices will likely dip so those who don't care about the matchup should watch and wait for now, he said.

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