Twins President Dave St. Peter helped preside over a successful week of All-Star events at Target Field. With that hectic time in the rearview mirror and questions looming ahead for the Twins, St. Peter chatted recently with the Star Tribune’s Michael Rand.


Q Was there a point during this whole All-Star whirlwind that you could actually sit back and enjoy it all?

A To be honest, I think I enjoyed it on a personal level more so than I ever would have imagined. It probably speaks to the fact that I’ve gained some perspective over time and learned to soak it all in. You always worry and stress about details, in some cases even the weather, but at the end of the day, I was just really proud of our staff and all the people that did such a great job.


Q How many times did you check the weather forecast?

A Over the course of the last two weeks, put it this way — it was the most used app on my phone. … You can’t control it, but the reality is that when the weather is good, it takes the Target Field experience to a whole new level. Tuesday might have been the best night we’ve ever had at Target Field for weather.


Q You must have special powers to have ordered the Home Run Derby rainbow as well as Derek Jeter’s night and Glen Perkins’ finish. How did you coordinate all that with Mother Nature and MLB?

A I wish I had those controls. But I will say this: When I saw that rainbow, I thought it was a good sign, maybe an indicator that even with a little rain, the week was going to go well. You had that feeling that it was following a script, so to speak. You knew going in there would likely be a Jeter moment, but you didn’t know he’d go 2-for-2. … The Minnesota kid gets a chance to close it with his catcher out there in a Twins uniform. I’m not sure you could have dreamed of a scenario like that.


Q A Washington Post writer said he liked the ballpark but that he downgrades it because he doesn’t think the right field wall and distance are fair to hitters. Do you think the park dimensions are fair, and would the Twins consider changing how Target Field plays?

A We do think the park is fair. It plays as more of a pitcher’s park to right and right-center. Statistically, the ballpark does play bigger. We need to evaluate that now with a bigger sample size to analyze, but at the end of the day, there really are no plans to change the dimensions. With respect to the Washington Post, we’d rather have a park that plays the way Target Field does compared to so many ballparks that fall into the bandbox category.


Q People are pointing to this 10-game homestand to define whether the Twins will be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline. I have a hard time picturing you as buyers even with a good start. Can you still picture that scenario?

A I think the 10-game homestand is going to go a long way toward determining what course of action we take. Obviously, the best thing we can do to add to our team is to get Joe Mauer, Danny Santana and Ricky Nolasco back onto our roster. That’s No. 1. … We’re disappointed with our record. We’ve probably played better than that, but it is what it is. You need to get to .500 before you can even think about contending for a postseason spot.