Three observations ...

• If Twins righthander Jim Hoey needs inspiration, he should follow Seattle's Brandon League, who hits 95 miles per hour on the radar gun and has embraced the splitter as an off-speed pitch.

• Speaking of hard throwers, how about the Braves' Craig Kimbrel? He's the latest 6-feet-and- under, 95-and-over fireballer.

• Good move by the Royals to call up super prospect Eric Hosmer. He is raking in Class AAA and the Royals are playing well so he is entering a positive atmosphere. The Royals risk millions if he reaches super-2 arbitration status, but they feel it's worth it.

... and two predictions

• The Indians will have a losing record in May.

• The Cubs' Alfonso Soriano can't maintain his current power pace and won't hit more than 32 homers.