It's not unusual to see neighborhoods full of little kids wearing helmets while they bike and scooter around these days but as those little kids get older, so do their opinions on whether they need to wear that bike helmet.

Can you ever be too old for a bike helmet?

Dr. David Hirschman, co-medical director of Children's Hospital Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center, says no. You're never too old or too secure of a bike rider for a bike helmet. And that includes adults.

"You can not predict when you might fall or get injured, which is why always having a helmet on your head is important," Dr. Hirshman said noting that none of the kids he's seen for bike related injuries were planning on falling.

Even in a minor fall, concussions, memory loss and nausea can occur and in some serious cases Dr. Hirschman said even significant behavior changes can take place.

"It can take a long time to fully recover from a fall on one's head," Dr. Hirshman said.

Dr. Hirschman said it's important that parents encourage helmets for their kids by modeling the behavior and also just talking about the risks. "The risk is too great, messed up hair is worth it," he said.

Helmets should be replaced anytime a fall occurs that results in impact because they are really designed for one fall. It's also important that a helmet fits correctly, the strap is snug under one's chin and the helmet is covering both the front and back of one's head.

Throughout each summer, various clinics and organizations do bike helmet giveaways and the Injury Prevention Team at Children's Hospital is always happy to provide helmets to those who need them.

In 2013, there were 410 bicycle related injuries to the Emergency Room at Children's Hospital in both Minneapolis and St. Paul. So far in 2014, there have been just 74 visits. Wearing a helmet won't prevent falls or accidents from happening but it will help prevent a life changing head injury.

Do you and your kids wear bike helmets? How do you encourage your children to wear helmets even if neighbors or friends aren't?

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