Cozy chic used to be an oxymoron. But thanks to advances in technology and design, you can add warmth without sacrificing style completely -- especially if you dress in layers.

"Opt for layers over big and bulky," said Joe Zee, Elle's creative director and star of Sundance Channel's "All on the Line With Joe Zee."

"You want to be the one in charge of regulating temperature," he said. "So [wear] a warm parka and scarf over a sweater and shirt and T-shirt, which you can de-layer once inside, depending on the degree of warmth indoors versus outdoors."

We went to the mall at the University of Minnesota to find out how coeds stay warm and chic when trekking across campus. Here's how they rated their outfits on a scale of 1 (freezing) to 10 (toasty).